SlayerLet me preface: It's not that I think the TOUR is bullshit.I think it's awesome,TBHand a killer line up that on Leg 5 includes: CANNIBAL CORPSE,AMON AMARTH,& LAMB OF GOD.当然,不用说凶手在这张账单上,但为了防止你们中的一些人在标题中漏掉它,heading,sub-heading or the pictures...

我认为是胡说八道,这是他们的最后一次旅行吗?我是说,really??杀手是标志性的,legendary,他们是色雷斯金属的祖先,for the love of Kerri King!!Just because the band is probably tired of touring every year or so,packing and unpacking,scheduling family and friend events,or just missing out on "normal" life for the last 40 years or so,doesn't mean that the band should stop touring,RIGHT?我是说,come ON!I know that the band has a life and probably wants to live some more of it but I mean they are SLAYER,doesn't that mean something?

应该是因为只有一个杀手。There isn't another band that could remotely step into the shoes of what SLAYER is to the world of Metal.And don't rockers take some godam oath when they start playing or make this promise that they'd play until the mortal end??I'm pretty sure there's something in the tiny print about that when you join a band.(这不是指与任何实体达成的任何“交易”或“协定”,黑暗还是光明,mind you...the agreement I'm referring to here is the most important one - the one you make with yourself.) I mean,谢斯!Look at DIO for fuck's sake!He's still touring from beyond the physical realm!You can't be SLAYER and quit.It's not possible.Totally not possible.(Kidding,当然!Although I still think it's bullshit.)

There are a gazillion reasons why this Final Tour is poop - but I'm going to give you my Top 3 Reasons so it will be short and sweet,y'all good with that?Sweet!Let's do this!

1。Only old people retire.The members look like they're in their 30 - 40's not carrying AARP cars.凯里·金看起来很棒,as does Gary and Tom for the love of god!I couldn't see Paul enough to make an accurate assessment,但我想如果他能像他那样打球的话,他可能会很好。If someone can literally pound the hell out of drums for over an hour and they're over 40,他们远远高于平均水平。Let's be frank - it is hard for anyone over 40 to do anything physical for over an hour at a low to moderate pace.Just think about playing the beats of SLAYER'S music...just thinking about going 90 to nothing for one song is making me really tired already!

2.Retirees do things like by RVs and travel around the country.因为他们已经习惯这样旅行了,他们应该继续努力。我是说,why break something that's already fixed,正确的?

三。与大众的看法相反,there are still new SLAYER fans to scoop up.有些人可能穿着老式的“杀手之旅”衬衫,从未见过乐队,也不知道他们的歌曲,更不用说他们在摇滚历史上的地位了。And there are others that know of the band,but haven't really been into their music and have never seen them in action.最后还有一些在这段旅程中,just now are witnessing SLAYER for the first time and I'm betting they're totally pissed that after seeing this show,that's it,all she wrote,done,结束。

就是这样。I'm pissed.So to hell with the short Top 3 reasons the Final Tour is Bullshit.Get comfortable because I'm not finished yet - y'all ready?

"Wait - say what??Cherri why are you mad?",I can hear some of y'all ask.漂亮的衣服,it is Story Time so sit down,crisscross apple sauce,and let me tell you one;a story that is.Ok,I don't say "Once Upon A Time" at the beginning of my stories because this is no fairy tale story,it's real,it's my experience and usually,they really just happened,like within days of your eyes reading this page.所以,I am not setting you up for some non-fictional based horse shit,blown out of proportion story.

I literally just saw SLAYER on Leg 5,just a few days ago.SLAYER is not just a rock band or a metal band.They're not just a "band" - SLAYER is almost an entire emotion or a mood maybe.SLAYER epitomizes the metal scene and as a forefather of the genre "Thrash" you can't just refer to them as a band.太简单了,真的,乐队只是在演奏音乐,有时它变成了一群人,他们用一些共同的线把他们绑在一起,以创造音乐。This describes the lucky ones that experience success,in any way,ya dig?

Without going into the band's history,this is what SLAYER is,for sure.他们是一群有共同点的人,ya-di-yadi-ya.But it goes much deeper than just 4 guys that make noise with instruments.杀戮者是一种运动或生活方式,自他们成立以来,随着乐队的发展而成长。SLAYER is aggression,power,girth,emotional,and release.杀戮者对信息是残忍的诚实,并且是当添加到火中时供给火焰的余烬。Tempos that are shake and move you like a piece of chicken in a bag of shake n bake!SLAYER is politically charged by position,not by party or person.SLAYER is capable of bringing the torment out and replacing that feeling or other emotion,with something else that continues to dig inside fans.This often happens just by simply listening to a SLAYER record.And well,if you've been to a live show,you know that this also occurs at a concert as well,and within the first second that the lights go down,the house music lowers,there is a feeling like no other.Am I right?


As we waited for the kabuki (that big ass sheet or cloth that covers the stage) to drop,期待的建立是异常的疯狂,so much that as I waited to enter the pit,I felt like my nerves were going to spill out all over the floor and I would just stand there like a lump when it was time to go in and miss the whole thing.But thankfully that didn't happen as the last of the kabuki was shoved into the linen cart and in a mad rush wheeled out.

照片护送者的手臂旋转成一个圆圈,flagging us in and through the smoke swirling around as if we're on a battlefield,我看到她在喊“走!GO!GO!!" just by the movements of her mouth.她的声音在舞台两旁扬声器架上的鼓声和其他响亮的噪音中都听不到。我指的是乐队准备好演奏,或者他们上台时演奏,or some recorded tracks - I don't remember,但它像炮火一样从舞台顶端的潜艇上射出,所有的摄影师都冲了进来,像士兵们准备排队,保护我们的位置。随着人群的欢呼,尖叫,呜呜的声音与最初的几段音乐相碰撞,这些音乐向尖叫的军队飞驰而来,在空中盘旋,I raised my camera to my eye...

Y'all,pause it right here for a minute.我在杀人犯的坑里。About to shoot this band that I've heard of my whole life,who are rock/metal gods,and I'm about to photograph their last tour.关上。Up.Seriously.Do you see how this would be f'ing amazing?I know!Ok,let's continue...push play.Push it.Push...the one that looks like a triangle...

...I raised my camera to my eye.整个场景都是超现实的,那一刻,my camera to my open eyes,so as not to miss a thing,我清楚地意识到我在哪里,what I was doing and while the search lights are swarming over the crowd,as if to looking for something,整个展馆都在疯狂地尖叫,好像是为了分散灯光寻找它的注意力;my finger presses down on the shutter as Tom Araya struck the bass like Thor's hammer to the earth - it was ON!

All I could do was press down the the shutter while I literally screamed for about 20 seconds of that first minute in the pit.My head swiveling back and forth with my camera,祈祷我印下了凶手克里·金和加里·霍尔特的一些像样照片,Tom Arayaand even the drummer,Paul Bostaph who was behind this massive kit that shielded him kind of from this pulsating energy that really began with him or at least he kept the melee going with his beats.I've never shot a machine gun before,but I can tell you I could feel the clicks in the body of the camera going off like one of those rat-a-tat-tat guns in the World War documentaries or old war movies.Instead of firing,我真的在快速地吸收记忆,my lens vacuuming up the imprints that create memories and this force field of energy all around me felt super-charged and so powerful!信托基金

Let me cut to the chase and tell you this about SLAYER'S show: They.Were.Phenomenal.放下手,truly a pro-production show,supremely mixed sound,精准的灯光,既不隐藏乐队,也不影响他们的表演。SLAYER'S members were g-damn brilliant and almost orchestral in areas.No joke,seriously it was somewhat surprising to me how perfect they performed with precision and still managed to give the audience what they wanted!

Three songs felt like the time it takes for a sneeze to come out and somewhat skipping/jogging out of the pit,sweating and immeasurably happy,我意识到我第一次也是最后一次射杀了这个标志性的乐队杀手。And while that should have created some melancholy within me,it didn't really.I was just glad that I got to check off "photograph legend/iconic band" from my Bucket List.Out of the floor area,I stood at the side and watched the rest of the show and caught my breath.I thought to myself,“今天真是个好日子……”

The remaining dates can be found by following this link www. sayel.NETand how you can purchase tickets in specific cities,所以,如果你在最后一个城市附近的任何地方,确保你参加了第5回合。If you don't go - dude,I will totally take away your rock fan status.For real.

Oh,BTW - I really don't say "The End" either when Story Time is over.It's never over...really.Stories just continue on in the form of another chapter,part of the story,or a different book all together."The End" is for chickens.There's always more that has to materialize into something else.Are y'all pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?There's always more...

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

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