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xLooking Forwardx Bio

xLooking Forwardx
Band members
Justin - VocalsJosh - GuitarKevin D - BassKevin O - Drums


xLOOKING FORWARDx got together in Bel Air,MD in the fall of 1999.Comprised of brothers Justin and Josh Chaillou,their cousin Kevin Doherty and close family friend Kevin O'Brien,XLFX was formed with one intent - to be a straight up hardcore band,no filler,no frills,just raw,fast,energetic music with a real message.

当地一个东海岸标签,DFF Records released the bands first full length "Ahoy Crew Members" in 2001.Later they signed to Blood and Ink Records where they released their sophomore vwin手机版album "What This Means To Me" in early 2004.

xLooking Forwardx will be entering Trax East studios this August to get the perfect sound for the most important record of their career so far.Trax East is responsible for great recordings of some of xLFx's musical influences such as Ensign,Vision and the Bouncing you can expect nothing but incredible production on their Facedown Records debut that is due out in November 2005.

Six years later the same four people are still at it with the same goal and there's no end in sight.

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