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Aftaneldr - SynthsAbraxas - GuitarsDrako Arcane - GuitarsSorg - Bass and VocalsZarthon - Drums


The black metal scene in Norway is almost as unforgiving as the harsh winters for which the country is known.Adhering to Darwin's law of "only the strong survive," Tidfall have battled through the Norwegian underground and emerged as potential inheritors to Emperor's vacated throne.

Originally formed during the winter of '92/'93,only fragments of music and half-completed compositions remain from this nebulous beginning.Throughout 1995,Tidfall reinvented themselves with the addition of Sorg on bass and Aftaneldr on keyboards.Empowered by the strength of the new line-up,the band recorded their first demo,simply titled Tidfall.They began clawing their way through the Norwegian scene and released their second demo,The Black Psychotic Darkness,1998。Soon after Zamoth's (Zyklon,Emperor) Nocturnal Arts Productions signed Tidfall and released their first vwin手机版album in May 2000.Circular Supremacy took Tidfall out of Norway and put them in the receptive sights of the European metal press.

The success of their debut release didn't come without a few growing pains,然而。The band had a clear vision of where they wanted to go in the future,and that path didn't include vocalist/guitarist Rogon D.Bloodgraat。Bassist Sorg took on the vocal duties,while Drako Arcane filled the guitar slot.After rehearsing and writing new material,the revamped Tidfall entered Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor,ZyklonMyrkskog) in March 2001 and commenced recording their second vwin手机版album.

Tidfall has quite possibly struck the perfect balance between melody and brutality.Instinct Gate immediately captured the attention of Nuclear Blast.Songs like "Children of Man," The Empire of the Pleasures of Flesh" and "My Wrathful Eyes" perfectly capture Tidfall's near mastery over their sound while showing their huge potential to innovate and take the genre in unprecedented directions.2001年7月,Tidfall officially signed to Nuclear Blast and brought with them the future: Instinct Gate.