Winter of Apokalypse Bio

Slut - BassArmageddon - DrumsFascist - Guitar,声乐


Solitary Winter Night.三字,three simple words.一丝不苟却又看到如此强大的力量,so much spiritual energy,the essence of BLACK METAL manifest.Winter of Apokalypse: the prophets of that dread communique,and three equally stark words to nail the coffin of uncertainty dead shut.合在一起,we have Winter of Apokalypse's debut vwin手机版album,Solitary Winter Night.十年来最受期待的黑色金属记录之一,尤其是仅仅首次亮相,since half the band comprised legendary MORIBUND CULT warriors Thy Infernal � Winter of Apokalypse's CULT debut is guaranteed to be an underground landmark on both sides of the Atlantic.

但这个故事可以追溯到近十年前,to the winter of 1996 in Portland,俄勒冈州。Under the banner Thy Infernal,the songwriting core of guitarist Slut and bassist/vocalist Armageddon perfected their black metal mastery with a live show that terrifyingly featured blood-spitting,尖峰,野猪头,烟雾,动物胆子,six-foot inverted crosses,而且,自20世纪80年代以来,在美国人们的头撞比以前更多。因此,playing with such legendary bands as Mayhem,Cannibal Corpse,咒语,AngelcorpseKrisiunand Morbid Angel quickly earned Thy Infernal a reputation as the most extreme live band in America.Throughout 1997,the band recorded a demo and some highly sought-after compilation tracks,and by the beginning of the next year had signed in blood with the MORIBUND CULT.

The winter 1998 saw Thy Infernal in the studio again,this time to record their Satan's Wrath debut vwin手机版album,which would go on to be widely lauded in the underground upon its release the following year.仍然,最好的还在后头,and it came in the form of LP#2,更精通地狱的军阀。Released in 2001,this second vwin手机版album would reap more bountiful critical acclaim,把杀人者的血腥统治和病态天使的福祉与病态天使的血腥统治相提并论,from Dissection's Storm of the Light's Bane to Destroyer 666's Unchain the Wolves.立刻残忍,错综复杂的,旋律的,史诗,but above all unforgettable,Warlords of Hell was a middle-finger to Eurocentric snobs and Christian lambs alike above all,unforgettable proof that true American metal is not only possible but far superior despite trendy contentions otherwise.

All thing must pass,and indeed they did for Thy Infernal: In 2002,乐队或多或少地称它退出。But like the proverbial phoenix,我们在北边的天空中发现了新的火焰:伪经的冬天。Although the band did record an untitled demo in 1999,又是四重奏,led by ex-Thy Infernal tandem Slut and Armageddon began the bulk of its hellish activity early 2004.Recorded at Mammoth Studios by Noah Cambell (Engorged,Whore) and mastered at Nettlingham Audio (Leviathan,XasthurDrawn and Quartered,萨吉斯特)Solitary Winter Night is every inch the 'perfect' black metal record and one guaranteed to be as legendary as both Thy Infernal vwin手机版albums combined.The formula's simple yet powerful;attacks commence between galloping blast and into-the-abyss crawl,bolstered by hideously vomiting lungs of hell,the haunting atmosphere of Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas,the cryogenic aggression of Peaceville-era Darkthrone,more than a trace of Thy Infernal's soul-searing,Dissection-influenced melody,and even a shred of blackest rock n' roll from the first couple Bathory records.冷,严峻的,死了,and yet breathing foul life,Solitary Winter Night is a landmark in the making,所以跪下。旧的,black soul in a new body: Winter of Apokalypse has arrived.