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Time Of Need Bio

Kevin Heaps - guitars,主唱
Angela Heaps - drums
Chad Pitcher - bass,声乐
Mike Ernstam - guitar


Forget everything you've already heard and try to imagine a sound that is So heavy,so insane that it engulfs it's listeners with pure undeniable energy.Maybe then you'll have an idea of what "Seen Through A Shadow" sounds like.This vwin手机版album was made with the intent to enrage and energize its listeners.Combing mind-blowing grooves mixed with crushing vocals creates a sound that is sure to destroy any stereo system.Releasing this bombshell in late March of 2001 and selling over five hundred copies thus far truly sends the message that its time for TIME OF NEED to be heard.

Time Of Need sought after the best to bring "Seen Through A Shadow" to completion.Travis Smith (Skinlab,Overkill)created the engaging,eye-catching images for the vwin手机版album.Erik Kvortek (Trax East Studios) produced and mixed the vwin手机版album with ears of perfection and Jeff Lager (The Sound Lab) mastered the album.然而,the overall sound of "Seen Through A Shadow" is all Time Of Need,heavy low tuned guitars,crazy off the wall beats and aggressive,yet melodic, and insanity is what makes this vwin手机版album so brutal.

Songs such as "Begin Again",the first single off "Seen Through A Shadow",define what Time Of Need stands for.The heavy,crushing guitars,the melodic mid-section and the insane "make you jump the fuck up" drum beats are the elements in every song on this vwin手机版album and that define TIME OF NEED!The pure energy release of the vocals in "No Way Out" bore themselves into the listener's brain,while the remake of "Soldier" and "Realize"add familiarity for the band's existing fans.像“克服”和“不完整”这样的歌曲肯定会吸引以前没有意识到的音乐迷,并提供坚实的基础。

Time Of Need has never been satisfied with sitting back and hoping things come their way.Going out and hitting the pavement,passing out flyers,hanging posters and just plain working their Asses off is the backbone of everything they stand for.Winning over crowds on their East Cost tour and being able to share the stage with such bands as Diecast and Catastrophic,让乐队为成功打下了坚实的基础。The addition of guitarist Mike Ernstam to the mix in late April adds to an already insane live performance.The willingness to spend thousands of dollars making the bombshell that is "Seen Through A Shadow" proves the bands eagerness to set them apart from the rest.Time Of Need's future may be unknown,but one thing screams out...It looks very exciting