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Locked In a Vacancy Bio

Locked In a Vacancy
Band members
Dyami - VocalsLaz - GuitarsIzzy - GuitarsRick - DrumNick - Bass


Locked In A Vacancy began in December of 1997,as an outlet for 5 individuals from Brooklyn to express themselves musically in New York 's world-renowned hardcore scene.Drawing inspiration from both the most chaotic and melodic artists of the mid-to-late 90's,Locked In A Vacancy established themselves early on as a unique outfit unlike any other in New York City,and garnered a loyal and growing fan base.Within 2 short years they were performing all over the northeast in support of their early releases,acquiring quite a name for themselves based on their exciting live shows,and thought-provoking lyrics.Following the recording of some new material for various compilations,they were approached by upstart NYC indie label Purity Records to record a full-length,Exit The Futility Ward.The CD was extremely well-received across the board,and the band supported the release by playing more shows than ever,and going out on their first small tours.After several years,several releases,and several line-up changes,Locked In A Vacancy as both a band and individuals,grew into an entirely new monster.Their Ethos EP,released in 2002,saw them delving into the realms of melodic death metal,thrash,and grind.Fusing an increasingly metal influence into their already unique sound opened up new doors for them,and in time they were known as much in the reborn metal scene as they were in the hardcore scene they'd been a part of for so long.Over the years Locked In A Vacancy saw numerous bands come and go,attempting to capitalize on the rising popularity of heavy music in the underground and the mainstream.But to this day,Locked In A Vacancy remains - a respected mainstay that doesn't follow the trends,but sets them.

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