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Lo-Ruhamah Bio

Band members
Matthew Alan Mustain - Guitars,VocalsHarry Frederick Pearson III - Drums,Vocals,PianoJonathan Grant Griffin - Bass,Vocals

death metal
black metal

Pursuing both tranquility and violence,Lo-Ruhamah explore varied terrain in their full-length release "The Glory of God." Moving regularly from moments of aggressive extreme metal to the dissociative atmosphere of post-rock,the songs might be seen as akin to the ebb and flow of an ocean tide.Dynamics and contrast are central.Subdued and explosive passages highlight one another in an attempt to reach a certain peak of feeling within the tracks.Hope and darkness are inextricably tied together.Clocking in at just over an hour,"The Glory of God" is comprised of seven songs that work together as a whole.The effect is an vwin手机版album aimed at bringing even a small measure of freshness to the world of extreme music.Fans of bands like Opeth and Agalloch,as well as fans who appreciate death and black metal that isn't afraid to think outside of the box,should find something to love in Lo-Ruhamah / "The Glory of God".

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