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Band members
E.(Erik Danielsson) - Vocals,BassP.(Pelle Forsberg) - GuitarH.(HÃ¥kan Jonsson) - Drums

black metal

Darkness descends,the foul stench of rotting flesh fills the nostrils and the iron taste of blood lingers on the tongue â€" welcome to the world of WATAIN.Out of the infernal depths their voices do not cry to the Heavens.The sinister hymns of these Swedes praise the Lord of Flies in feverish worship as they descend on the left hand path.

WATAIN have once more created an epic masterpiece,which celebrates the eclipse of the light."Lawless Darkness" amalgamates severe blackness with an uncanny knack for eerie melodies and a harsh beauty of the darkest kind,which even attracted Carl McCoy of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM to add his vocals in a stunning guest performance.

Clawing their way out of the Black Metal underground yet firmly remaining a part of it since their founding in 1998,the Swedes have become a major player in the dark genre.WATAIN established themselves as a phenomenon of most sinister kind as soon as their 7'' EP entitled "The Essence of Black Purity" was released in 1999.

WATAIN's acclaimed debut "Rabid Death's Curse" followed only a year later in 2000.The trio from Uppsala immediately gained a massive following by their merciless devotion and intense live rituals imbued with blood,fire and magic.Recorded in the chambers of Necromorbus studios,which owes a large part of its current fame and status to the trio,relentless Black/Death Metal lunacy "Rabid Death's Curse" was received with a roar of appreciation from the worldwide underground.

Following the release of their debut,WATAIN began to hit the European stages with full force,performing along such bands as ROTTING CHRIST,DARK FUNERAL,MORTUARY DRAPE,ANTAEUS,MUTIILATION among others.It did not take long for the band to gain a massive reputation for their intense,ritualized live-performances embodying every aspect of traditional Black/Death Metal sorcery,violent ceremonies of blood,fire,death and magic.Their first complete European crusade - the Black War Tour- was raising hell in early 2002.

Expectations soared when WATAIN entered the Necromorbus studios once more in June 2003 to record their second full-length "Casus Luciferi",which has been composed over a period of three years.This fanatical monument of magical Black Metal has been hailed as one of the most relevant underground releases of this extreme genre in the new millennium."Casus Luciferi" proudly unleashed the horrifying glory of the true,dangerous and by many shunned Black Metal legacy,without a hint of irony,怀疑或不确定性。At the time of release,WATAIN embarked on the "Stellar Descension Infernal" Tour raging throughout Europe in an unholy union with SECRETS OF THE MOON and AVERSE SEFIRA.

In the following year 2004,WATAIN continuously invoked their demons on stages in the Czech Republic,Italy,Britain and Scandinavia,building further upon their now global reputation as one of the most passionate and eye-opening live acts of extreme Metal.When the darkness of winter fell upon the trembling plains of Europe,the Swedes embarked on a two-month and by now famous tour with their compatriots DISSECTION,marching victoriously through eighteen countries.

Again it took WATAIN three years to define the nature of the work that became their third full-length.Even more praise than already before was heaped upon the musical extremists after releasing "Sworn to the Dark" in 2007.This vwin手机版album proved to be another stepping stone in their steeply rising career and saw the band teaming up with Season of Mist for the first time in several countries.At the time WATAIN regarded "Sworn to the Dark" to be an immense discharge of magic and death that marked the release as an ultimate Black Metal monolith.

Yet another three years went by,in which WATAIN prepared to surpass their own achievements.With the hellishly seductive "Lawless Darkness",the Swedes shed another snake skin to reveal an eerie beauty underneath.Their true dedication,epic approach and outstanding songwriting skills are bound to attract friends far beyond any black boundaries.The wolf pack is back and out to devour your heart,guts and soul!

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