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Bionic Jive Bio

Bionic Jive
Band members
Ako Mack,Emerg McVay - vocals
Larry "Luv" Elyea - guitar
Richard "Cunni" Gartner - bass
Chris "TGI" Elsner - drums,percussion


While modern rock radio force-fed the mainstream audience the likes of Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town who proclaimed themselves the essence of rapcore in 2001,a small quintet hailing from Pheonix,Arizona known as Bionic Jive were emerging.Comprised of not one but two MC's actually skilled with mic ability and three rock-minded musicians,Bionic Jive impressed Farmclub executives so much they invited them to appear on their television series,which led to a record deal with Interscope Records.Now Bionic Jive have stepped up to the plate and released their debut,Armageddon Through Your Speaker,an vwin手机版album that may not be a grand slam,but certainly succeeds in hammering a triple up the third base line.

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