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Gaia Epicus Bio

Gaia Epicus
Band members
Thomas Christian HansenJoakim "Jokke" KjelstadMikael DunaYngve Hanssen


A new years eve's party 91-92 the band was formed by Thomas Hansen.The music style was punk rock and the lyrics where in Norwegian.Three months later,the first demo tape was made.After 7 months the music style and band name changed.The music was now thrash,and the name was Execution.The band recorded a new demo called "Sacrifice".Again the music changed,and a new demo was made.The music was Hard Rock and the demo was called "The bullet for me?"

(1995) - Joakim Kjelstad joined the band,and the music changed to Melodic Metal.
(1996) - The band changed name to Millennium just after new year.
(1998) - The band had to change name because there was another band called Millennium.
(1999) - A Demo-CD called "Land of Mysteries" was made April/May.

Also,the new name for the band was Theater of Pain.So,they played a gig for the Kings of Metal!!!The band went to Umeå in Sweden to play for Dio,Manowar & Motorhead at a private party.
(2000) - Official change of band name to Eternal Flame.
(2001) - Officially the band started to be named GAIA EPICUS.The promo-CD "Cyber Future" comes out in August.
(2002) - Eirik Øverland Dischler joined the band as keyboards-player.The demo "Keepers of Time" comes out in August.In September GAIA EPICUS signs a record deal with Sound Riot Records.During November/December GAIA EPICUS entered at studio for the recording of their full-length vwin手机版album.Morty Black of the legendary Heavy Metal band TNT have played the bass on this vwin手机版album.

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